Well, my internet is back for who knows how long.  So here's a quick couple thoughts about last night's 3-0 win for the Terriers as they evened the series a.

Devin Peters stole the first half of the game for the Terriers.  They were out-chanced by the Ice Wolves, but Peters held the line.  His best save was off Marc-Andre Carre on what was probably the best play of the game, even though it didn't make it into the net.  Carre got through two Yorkton defenders in dazzling fashion that no other player in this league can.  As nice as the move was, it made the finish pretty tough, but Carre almost managed to one hand the puck around Peters who did well to keep his leg extended and flush with the ice to keep the puck out.

Peters play through the first 30 minutes set the stage for a couple of goofy goals for Yorkton.  One off a skate in front from a driving Robbie Ciolfi and the other a quick shot from the half boards by Kurtis Decker that beat Adam Bartko back to the net.

Really, the game was in dire straights for the Ice Wolves after the first goal.  It seemed to deflate them, much like we saw from Yorkton in Game 1.  Will the first goal be that big in every game this series?

Yorkton was having troubles along the boards against the Ice Wolves in Game 1, and they hesitated to go in there in Game 2.  That'll happen when every time you do, you have Robert Monfore or Nolan Souchotte roughing up whoever touches the puck.  To solve the problem, the Terriers are dumping it in on Bartko, and it's working very well.  Against Melfort, pucks seemed to stick to the Wolves netminder, but they're bouncing everywhere in this series.  He needs to get his rebounds under control or it could be trouble for La Ronge.

It was the first time the Ice Wolves have been shut out this season, and it's probably better that they were shut out rather than getting back in the game.  It'll be a wake-up call, maybe like the Terriers had in Game 1, that this won't be a cakewalk of a series.

The Terriers got what they needed to done, now they head back to the FA Arena with home ice advantage in the remaining five games.  Now they need to hold onto it, which may be easier said than done.  The Wolves play very well on the road, proven by taking two from Melfort in the Palace and splitting Flin Flon at the Whitney.  To get this series going in their favour, the Ice Wolves need to get the powerplay working.  To Yorkton's credit, the Terrier penalty kill has been fantastic at keeping the Ice Wolves off the board.  We'll see what Bob Beatty adjusts to get some action going with the man advantage.

Three Stars

Devin Peters - YKTN - 29 Svs (SO) - He was Yorkton's first star tonight.  I felt the top two lines were better for the Terriers, but still a ways to go.  That means Peters has to be the guy, and he was in Game 2.  He single handedly frustrated the Ice Wolves and set up the Terriers for the victory.  Though he wasn't tested too much in the third, he did make a couple of very good saves.

Brant Remenda - YKTN - After a tough Game 1 where he was on the ice for a goal or two, and got served in a fight with Skyler Hladun; Remenda was back with some grit for the Terriers, shutting down the top lines and giving the Dogs physicality down low.  He also created a couple of offensive chances.

Robert Monfore - LR - Another physical defenceman picking up a star.  Since Game 5 against Melfort, Monfore is really hitting his stride... emphasis on hitting.  He was rolling over Terriers left right and centre in Game 2 and watching play in the corners and along the boards in the Ice Wolves' zone, you can see that intimidation factor taking some hold.
The Wolves hit the road to Yorkton on Monday to play Tuesday and Wednesday.  There's a plane heading down to Yorkton for Game 3 for Ice Wolves fans in La Ronge.  It was filling up pretty quickly, but there may be one for Game 4 as well.  Phone the Ice Wolves office for more information.

I'll have the Game 3 Preview up on Tuesday to get you set for MBC's coverage of the SJHL Finals.  

Time to get set for Wrestlemania (don't judge).

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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