NHL Trade Deadline


Wow... 2.5 hours into TSN's trade deadline coverage and still nothing aside from two extensions...

I love deadline day, but so far this has been laaaame.  It will pick up, but seriously NHL GM's (I know you're all reading this blog, don't deny it) LET'S GET GOING...

Oh and here we go!  Finally! 9:38 time of the first trade.  Dvorak to ATL for Bergfors/Rissmiller.  Darren Pang said Dvorak wasn't going to move, no interest... oops.

I'll have my thoughts on the moves that go down today through the morning/afternoon!  Hopefully it picks up some.

One of the hardest workin' guys in Junior-A hockey, Craig Stein from GX94 (here's his blog), was good enough to round up a bunch of the SJHL's media-types to put together a poll on the SJHL this season.

He came up with a ton of great questions, got a couple from other broadcasters and then totalled up all the votes.  A lot of great work from Craig, and now you have a sampling of what the broadcasters of the SJHL think about some of the players, coaches and rinks around the league.

Thanks for doing this Craig, and for readers, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.  Mr. Stein will take it from here...

Actually I don't know.  I'm currently battling spam comments on this blog and today my main comment manager where I can see all comments wasn't working.

So I went through and deleted all but one of the spam comments.  Then I tried my comment manager again, hit delete on the comment I wanted and it deleted everything.  So I have no idea what happened there.  Fun little glitch.

So that's why they were all deleted.  I welcome your input so I didn't want you to think I was deleting your comments on purpose.  

Have a great day!

As some have described Tuesday's match up between the Ice Wolves and Broncos, it was kind of lackadaisical affair.  Both teams seemed to be looking ahead to the playoffs and just kind of went through the motions.

A couple of weird goals were all the Broncos needed to stick around and eventually topple the Ice Wolves for La Ronge's second loss in three games, by a 4-2 score.  Talking to Coach Bob Beatty after the game, he wasn't happy with the outcome but wasn't overly concerned about it either.

Read on for a recap of Tuesday's action.

It started all the way back on September 17th against the Nipawin Hawks.  I had been in La Ronge for a little less than 48 hours and had just finished moving into my new place.  The Ice Wolves won 5-3 against the Hawks beginning what I doubt anybody could have ever suspected.  

Coming into tonight, the Ice Wolves have eight wins more than anybody else, and their total losses (regulation and OT/SO) are less than anybody else's regulation losses.  The Wolves have broken numerous franchise records (wins, standings points, wins by a goaltender, goals, assists, career assists, points, etc.) and are poised to make a run at another SJHL Championship.  All of this after their improbable win last season.

While the Regular Season has been a complete success, the Wolves know they are just getting started.  Bob Beatty has said multiple times that a team is judged on its success in the playoffs, which is completely true.  Now the Wolves are down to one game in this fantastic regular season, and it's a rescheduled game all the way from late September against the Humboldt Broncos.

Read on for my preview of tonight's game.

The way this game started out, it looked like the crew from La Ronge may lose back to back games for only the third time this year.

Two quick Melville goals shocked the healthy La Ronge contingent of fans that came expecting to see the Wolves handle the Millionaires.  The Ice Wolves, to their credit, never panicked.  They just slowly but surely took control of the game and when they started rolling.  It was all downhill... all the way to a 7-3 win over Melville.

Read on for my thoughts on the game.

Hey Folks,

I didn't have time to outline what I'm doing tonight.  There was a test for Voices of the North which is on MBC tonight, so we had to get off the air.  Since I'm here and will have an internet connection I will update on this blog post with what's going on in the game.  Your very own written account of the game.

It won't automatically refresh so you will have to do that every couple minutes or so.

First off from last night.

A fun game to watch, really enjoyed it.  The guys were a little frustrated with the result and how some things went during the game, but it was good to hear as they know they can improve, and they aren't concerned about dropping 3/4 to Yorkton during the season.  Besides, they have a lot more to worry about before they could take on the Terriers.

Three Stars from last night as selected by Braden Malsbury.

1. Craig Eisenhut - YKTN - 1 G - His lone marker sunk the Ice Wolves' eleven game winning streak.  He was all over the ice creating problems in every zone for La Ronge.

2. Warren Shymko - YKTN - 29 svs - A fantastic showing from the Terriers' starting goalie with Peters out.  He got some help from his posts, but you've gotta be good to be lucky.  He also robbed Marc-Andre Carre on the doorstep in the final minute to keep it a two goal spread.

3. Travis Eggum - LR - 1 G - That was his 57th of the season, and he wants number sixty.  You could tell he was feeling the pressure on 50, but for 60 he just seems hungry to get it.  Three goals in two games is a definite possibility.
Once again, for the live blog, you will need to refresh for yourself otherwise nothing will change.  I'll have a bit of a pre-game show for you in a few minutes.  Just got to make a couple of edits to an interview I just did with Mils' Head Coach Jamie Fiesel.

Not too many people expected the two teams in the SJHL finals last season, the fourth and fifth seeds to meet in those finals.  Maybe even less, did they expect Friday's game to be a meeting of the two number one seeds in their respective divisions and the first and second placed clubs in the overall standings.

While most found it more likely from Yorkton, many had the Ice Wolves not making the playoffs at all.  Amazing what can happen over a 58 game schedule isn't it?  The Ice Wolves have since clinched first and feature possibly the most deadly line in all of Canadian Junior-A hockey.  With three players possibly reaching the 100 point mark this team has shown everyone they aren't to be taken lightly and seem to be really hitting their stride just in time for the playoffs.

The Terriers have gone through a lot this season.  The fantastic start, a tragic loss over the Christmas break and a team shake-up that seems to have its definite pros and cons.  Oh ya, and a slew of injuries that had the Terriers playing four affiliate players for a time.

The Terriers are in a position to beat the Ice Wolves in a season series, no other team has been able to do better than split the Wolves this year.

Read on for the full preview of tonight's game.

The Ice Wolves rolled into the Northern Lights Palace on a season long ten game winning streak.  Actually an SJHL high ten game winning streak.  The Mustangs on the other hand are experiencing their first bout of adversity since all of the big deals Darrell Mann made at the trade deadline.

Having only won four of their last ten games the Mustangs could really use a spark in the form of ending the Wolves streak.

Although it seemed improbable at one point, the Mustangs almost go that spark courtesy of their powerplay.  They would fall just short though and the Ice Wolves came out with a 4-3 victory.

A Playoff Preview?


The possibility the Ice Wolves and Mustangs could meet in the conference semi-finals is very real.  That being said, the Wolves aren't looking that far ahead.  So I won't get ahead of myself either.

The Wolves were in Nipawin on Tuesday to face the Hawks for the final time of the 2010-'11 season.  It was a game with a bit of an offensive flavour on a high scoring night in the SJHL.  The combined twelve goals fell decidedly in the Wolves favour by an 8-4 score

Read for a quick recap of Tuesday and a preview of Wednesday.