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With the Ice Wolves' season wrapped up, I took the time today to migrate my blog to a new hosting service, Blogger.

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or, you can just use the navigation bar on the site to reach the new location as well.  This post is for those of you accessing the page from your favourites or links already on the web.

The main site will remain right where it is at  The only things that really change are the location of the blog and the main site navigation bar on the top of the screen won't appear on the blog.  You can still link right back to the main site from that link right under the main header.

There are a couple of reasons I made the change.

1. Ease of use - While I like Weebly's web-site editing tools and the many features it gives, there were some annoying glitches and it really didn't play nice with some of my mobile tech.  The Blogger site (in theory) will work much better for me despite giving up a couple of features.

2. Web Integration - Blogger is one of the ridiculous numbers of Google applications out there.  Coming over to Blogger just lets me bring another service into sync along with Youtube, Google+ and Twitter(though not a Google App).

3. Comments - I like how the comments section works with this new service.  There shouldn't really be any spam, and it provides an 'Anonymous' option for those of you who are shy.  Same rules still apply, though.

There are some other reasons, but I won't really get into them now.  When you're reading the blog, you shouldn't really notice anything too different, the layout is largely the same and it will be the same, great (at least I like to think so) content you're used to. 

You can read anything that was posted on the blog from December 2010-March 12th 2012 by clicking here:

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of the change over!

As promised, here are the particulars for the Ice Wolves Wrap Up Banquet coming Friday night.

Friday March 16, 2012 (Happy Hour starts at 6pm, Supper at 7pm)

La Ronge Motor Inn and Suites

$30/ticket (only 150 tickets will be sold - Get yours early)

Tickets Available at:  
The Wolves Office, Penny's Hair Design and The Northerner.

If you are interested in volunteering that night, please contact the Ice Wolves Office at 425-4141.
I'll be the MC of the night's proceedings, which if you ask me, should make it a little easier to get tickets.  Last year's attempt at a fireworks extravaganza just didn't go over well at all, though I think I have the whole "fire hazard" thing straightened out.

Should be a fun night.  Last year's jersey auction was unbelievable.  I think Adam Bartko's jersey pulled in around five or six thousand dollars for the Ice Wolves.  We'll see who this big buy is this year.

See you at the banquet!

The Ice Wolves impressive run of two SJHL Championships came to a jarring halt Wednesday night when the Humboldt Broncos completed the sweep of La Ronge in a 6-2 victory.  The game was closer than the score indicated, but the Ice Wolves didn't seem to have enough energy in their game to make a play for avoiding the loss on home ice.  A lot of the Wolves hopes were resting on Tuesday night, and after that loss, a feeling of inevitability seemed to settle around the team.  Not the mindset you want coming into an elimination game.

Despite coming out flat in the first the Wolves were held in it by Alex Rajotte who made sixteen saves in the opening frame.  However, early in the second period, La Ronge got down by two and would be fighting to come back from that all night.  The Wolves seemed to get a spark after pulling within one for the second time on the night late in the middle period, but couldn't even it up before the third and the Broncos quickly put any hope of a comeback out of reach and cruised to the victory and advance to the Bauer Conference Final.

For the first time in two years, the Ice Wolves face elimination (without the chance to win themselves) in the SJHL Playoffs.  Many of the Ice Wolves hopes in this series hinged on being perfect at home and stealing one on the road.  With a 3-2 loss at the Mel Tuesday night, the Wolves fall behind the Broncos 3-0 in their Conference Semi-Final and have their backs firmly against the wall.

Tuesday's game started out well for the Ice Wolves.  They were physical and kept the pressure firmly on the Broncos.  It certainly became evident the Broncos weren't in a comfortable position.  Time after time, the Broncos tossed pucks out of play to relieve the pressure, but the Wolves kept coming.  Humboldt weathered the storm and turned things around on La Ronge, holding tough pressure on La Ronge for the next ten minutes or so.  Once the Broncos got their footing in the game, they controlled the play by pressuring the Wolves into a lot of giveaways and mistakes.  In the first period, the Wolves did great job of recovering, and though they were outshot, they weren't really out-chanced.  The Wolves took back momentum late in the period and on the powerplay, Marc-Andre Carre sniped his first of the post-season to give La Ronge a 1-0 with 12 seconds left in the opening frame.

Coming into this Bauer Conference Semi-Final with the Humboldt Broncos, the Ice Wolves players and coaching staff were confident they would only need to win one game in Humboldt.  This of course rests on the Wolves winning all three of their games on home ice.  Now they have a chance to make that a reality, or else be in some serious trouble.

The Ice Wolves' Bastion of Hope (also known as the Mel), saw the Wolves and Broncos clash in two very tight games this season.  One, a 6-5 Humboldt win with the other going to the Broncos 3-2 in the shootout.  Certainly the Wolves hope they can get the jump on Humboldt on home ice, but it's far from a guarantee.   

It's amazing the difference 24 hours can make in Junior Hockey.

I'm not going to spend a ton of time on the 8-2 game.  It was probably the Wolves worst game of the 2011-12 season, matched maybe only by the 4-0 defeat at the hands of the Notre Dame Hounds at the Mel.  Both brutal games for the Wolves, though the Humboldt loss a little more pronounced.

Pretty much everything that could go wrong did for La Ronge.  The perfect summary was the Broncos' eighth goal of the game when it bounced in front of Myles Hovdebo and took a wild bounce to the right and into the goal.  The Wolves were completely unprepared for a Humboldt team that certainly requires everything you have, and a little more.  

The Canalta Cup (then Credit Union) hasn't let the Bauer Conference for five years.  The Ice Wolves managed the repeat the last couple of seasons while the Broncos owned the Provincial Crown for the three years before that.  On the way to their first SJHL Title, the Ice Wolves had to overcome the Champs on the journey, and now, the same will have to be true for the Humboldt Broncos if they want to raise the Cup.

The Ice Wolves challenge is clear.  Defeat the RBC Cup hosts who are ranked third in the country, didn't lose to the Wolves all year and was one point shy of a 90 point season.  The Ice Wolves will have to, in a sense, slay the dragon to try and match the Broncos and their threepeat.

There are a lot of fun story lines in this matchup.  The relationship between the coaches, the whole previous champs thing, the RBC Cup on the horizon for the Broncos.  Obviously, by the regular season stats, the Ice Wolves are up against it.  That's the beauty of the playoffs, it doesn't matter in the least.  We'll still pour over the regular season in this breakdown of course, and reference those numbers repeatedly during the series, but it doesn't really matter.  That will be the mentality from the Ice Wolves perspective.  The Broncos would be happy for the regular season to carry over into the playoffs and continue their domination of the Wolves.  How will it go down?  The beauty of it is we don't have to wait long at all to find out.