No flooding to the degree seen in the South, but the water is rising in the North.

Here are some pictures of the area around the Montreal River in La Ronge.
As I was hoping earlier, here's the video of the water moving.  Gives you a much better appreciation for it.
The Prince George Cougars announced that Battlefords North Stars 
play-by-play man Dan O'Connor will be their new man behind the mic.

Obviously I don't know the other applicants, but they couldn't have made a better choice in Dan.  He's a consummate professional, not to mention a talented broadcaster.  Early in the season, he was one of the first members of the SJHL Media that I got a chance to sit down and chat with.  The Wolves and Stars were playing in Stanley Mission and both of us were lacking in broadcasts.  It was a great experience for me as one of the vets of the league passed on his knowledge.  I can only hope he gets a similar experience in the WHL.

The guy works his tail off with the regular sports at CJNB, producing the 'SJHL This Week' radio and video version, runs a blog and hosts a killer sports program.  The folks in PG will not be disappointed with this guy when he lights up the airwaves.

I'm hoping to get him as a guest for the podcast this week and it sounds like it's going to happen, so you can get his thoughts on the move rather than my rambling.

Congratulations Dan!  All I can say to you now, is, "yub-yub". (inside joke)
The Meadow Lake Golf Club suffered substantial damage to its front nine holes on Monday.

The clean-up should be getting under way today or tomorrow.  I spoke with Course Superintendent Daryl Wood and he says they're trying to organize a member volunteer clean up crew to help get the front nine playable again.  He hopes to have the front nine open by the end of the week.  The back nine are still playable.

Daryl was also kind enough to send me a bunch of pictures of the front nine.  You can see those after the break.

NHL Social Media


I thought this was interesting and worth sharing.  It's a breakdown of the people following NHL teams on twitter.  
NHL Fans on Twitter

[Via Coyle Media]

Do you follow your favourite teams on twitter?  Do you follow any SJHL teams on twitter?  You can find a list of SJHL teams on Twitter along with the members of the SJHL Media here or a list of NHL teams here.


Super Joe


You know Joe Sakic is an awesome hockey player, now observe.
What a great reaction, "did it go in?"  I love that he does a round of high-five's with the fans.  Super Joe just keeps on being... well, super.

The news came out yesterday that former Ice Wolves goalie, Joel Danyluk signed on with the Augustana Vikings in the ACAC.

Being a quasi-ACAC product myself, it always makes me happy to see guys sign with one of those schools.  It's a great league and in recent years it's really pushing forward as one of the premier collegiate leagues in the country.  Joel's popularity in La Ronge should only go up as he's going to school to become a teacher through the U of A's five year program.

Joel took the time to fire me an email with a message for Ice Wolves fans.  Here it is:

"My biggest reason of letting you know this is that I know that coach Beatty is the biggest contributor of getting me there. I (would) just like to thank the town of LaRonge and the Ice Wolf organization 1 more time.  The people I have met there are incredible."

Joel is headed off to Europe and was reminded of why he enjoyed his time in   La Ronge so much.  His jersey that was sold at the annual Ice Wolves Jersey Auction after the 2009-10 season was returned to him so he could don #34 again while overseas.  

Danyluk is a class act and it's great to see him getting to work towards his goal of being a teacher and keep playing hockey.



Post Script: Blaine Weyland in Estevan did an interview with Joel today and says he'll have that audio up on his blog sometime today.  Check it out.
The secret project I've been hyping so much is available now!

The 'Behind the Mic Podcast' is something I've been tossing around for a little while now (remember that survey where I asked if you'd listen to a podcast?) and apparently all it took was a sudden kick of motivation last week to get it in to production.

I hope you enjoy the first episode - "Changing of the Guard",  which can be found here.

The podcast is something fun to try out some new things and expand what this website brings to you in the way of SJHL and sports coverage.

I'm not positive on the frequency of the podcast releases as of right now.  That's because I don't want to commit to releasing a weekly cast and have you be disappointed if I can't make deadlines in the future.  What I will try is to have the break between episodes be no more than two weeks.  Despite that level of uncertainty, the cast will release on Tuesdays.  There will also be advanced notice of episodes via the website and Twitter.

The other portion of the 'Project' is to add a new blogger to the site.  Alex King (my co-host on the podcast) will have his own corner of the site to provide his unique take on sports.  The blog 'Alex's Soapbox' can be found on the links to the podcast, or you can click right here. (I read his first post and he's already chirping me.  I give it two weeks before we're openly fighting.  I just regret how hard the divorce will be on the children.)

I hope you enjoy the new features on the website, and stay tuned as more improvements continue to be made for the 2011-12 SJHL Season!


SJHL Pre Season


The SJHL has released its pre-season schedule.  Games get going September 2nd starting with Battlefords going up against Lloydminster.

There's a lot of cross-league action this pre season, and plenty of games.  No countdown clock this time, here's the Ice Wolves schedule followed by the full dockett.

As I previously reported, both Marc-Andre Carre and Travis Eggum signed professional contracts to play in Texas with the Rio Grande Killer Bees of the Central Hockey League.

If you're an SJHL reader, you likely know Carre and Eggum fairly well, but not the CHL.  If you're a reader in Rio Grande trying to read up on the new players your team acquired, I'll take care of that too.
From Left to Right: SJHL MVP Carre, SJHL Coach of the Year Bob Beatty and SJHL Player of the Year, Eggum (

If you're looking for something to do on your week night's in La Ronge, Churchill Community High School's Summer Programming is getting into gear.

Here are the sports you can take part in nightly:

2011 Summer Programming


Volleyball                  Monday’s                 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Floor Hockey           Tuesday’s                 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Basketball                 Wednesday’s           7:00-9:00 p.m.


Weight Room          Monday-Friday       1:00-5:00 p.m.                                 


Flag Football            Monday’s                 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Indoor Soccer         Tuesday’s                 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Basketball                 Wednesday’s           7:00-9:00 p.m.
It's a great way to get active and if you come see basketball, you can come see me miss repeatedly from my maximum range of about six inches from the rim. Not an overly pretty sight, but funny nonetheless.  One of these day's I'm going to finally figure out my dunking and that'll be taken care of.  Until then though, the bad rim outs will continue, but I digress.

I've been playing basketball at Churchill for a couple months now, it's a lot of fun, there's a great group of people that come out to play and I'm sure it'll be the same for any other sports.  I finally brought my hockey stick up to La Ronge, so I may have to play some floor hockey starting Tuesday.

Another great option is the Kikinahk Friendship Centre.  I don't have their summer program listing, but I know they have basketball on Tuesday's, because I take my amazingly low shooting percentage there as well.

Hope I see you out one of these nights!