Which do you want first?

Ok, I'll start with the Bad, because it ain't the end of the world.  (Interesting that spell check didn't correct "ain't" when did it become a word?)

Though I said in my previous post that the worst that would happen with the (possible) Game 6 next Sunday between the Ice Wolves and Mustangs would be some creative cutting between Hockey and Bingo or putting the Hockey online, looks like that won't be the case.  After discussing the situation at the station, it is likely there won't be a broadcast that night.

That's not all bad (though very unfortunate), because the Mustangs have a fantastic webcast that rivals Access 7's TV coverage.  If you haven't watched a Mustangs Broadcasting Network game, this is a great chance to see the solid work they do at the Palace with the broadcasts.  

Not sure if I will be in Melfort for the game, although it will be likely with it being an elimination game.

Now that the news is progressively getting better, I'll move up to the good news.

The Ice Wolves will have Steven Cook (D) and Phil Cliche (F) in the lineup on Friday.  *Pause for Brief Cheer*  Cliche put up 41 points in 49 games this season as an 18 year old and flies under the radar at times with the Big Line doing its thing.  He's a fantastic playmaker and his return puts the Ice Wolves into a situation where their depth is looking very good once again.  Although, even with five regulars out with injuries against Flin Flon, the Wolves still looked good.

Steven Cook picked up a goal and assist in his 11 games of action before his injury.  While he does provide a pretty good shot from the point, the Ice Wolves missed him most for his size.  Cook provides that big body that can move forwards away from in front of Adam Bartko and lay some pretty heavy checks along the boards and in open ice.

The Ice Wolves could also get Doug Lindensmith back by Game 1 on Friday.  However he's still a wait and see.  Taylor Pillar is also on the wait and see status, but it looks like he will be back mid-to-late series.  That leaves Alex Vandenameele who is still a ways off with his injury.  I guess the Ice Wolves will just have to keep winning and get him back in the lineup.

Ice Wolves getting healthier, now they just need to stay healthy.

Pitter Patter let's get at 'er
3/18/2011 04:58:53 am

Will be very interesting who dresses and who sits. If Cook can go, he will be in, but which forward sits? My guess the one with the most bumps and bruises. Good problem to have. Good luck Wolves.

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