With the Bombers 3-2 win over the North Stars last night, Flin Flon becomes the last member of the North's final four.

I'm not going to pretend I expected the Bombers to win because I didn't (and that is well documented).  I figured the North Stars would take this one, but looking at the stat lines, P.J. Musico did what he does to get the Bombers past the North Stars.  Musico turned in a 2.56 GAA and a 0.938 Sv% in the four games of the series.

The big part was secondary scoring.  One of the knocks against the Bombers is the inconsistency of lines past the number one unit.  Flin Flon got that from players like Corey Tyrell who put up two goals in the series finale.  Who could have seen tough guy, Ashton Bernard, scoring the series winner for Flin Flon?  With all of the flack the guy has been taking (some deserved) it's kind of a poetic justice, don't you think?

The Ice Wolves have been waiting on the winner of this series, skating pretty much every day.  I'm guessing the Wolves will be the best conditioned team in the post season with the time Gavin Holcomb had to work on that aspect.  I ran into a couple of the guys when they were promoting the Hockey Squares for the playoffs at the Co-op, asked if they were getting bored, waiting for the series.  That was an affirmative, but they were much happier to not be in the Survivor Series.  

Now we will see if the Bombers' first round has them ready to go against the Ice Wolves who haven't played a meaningful game in almost a month.  It's always a danger for the first placed club that has to sit around.  That being said, the Ice Wolves have come out pretty strong after time off, Coach Holcomb's conditioning probably has a fair bit to do with that.

I'll have a more detailed preview of game one in my game day preview, likely on Friday.

The drive for the repeat begins!

L Mychan
3/2/2011 01:14:04

Hi Daniel,
Will you be doing a live webcast with play X play for this series?

3/2/2011 05:05:34

As far as I know, the answer to that question is yes. Nobody has told me otherwise.

Should be a great series and I'm looking forward to it!

L Mychan
3/2/2011 05:55:21

That's great Daniel! Looking forward to the series!

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