My apologies, the internet here isn't letting me get a post done.

Bombers did what they had to in game 3 to survive, and they capitalized on their only real chance of the third to sneak out with a 2-1 victory.

Expect La Ronge to come out with the fire they had in the first two games, which was lacking in game three.  The Bombers will need to be ready to weather that storm and wait for their chance, much like in the third period on Tuesday.

Three Stars

1. P.J. Musico - FF - 38 Svs - While he didn't have to be fantastic on Tuesday, he came up large for his team in the third and when all was said and done, made key saves at the right time. To keep his team tied, and then in the lead.  He will have to be just as good in Game 4.

2. Andrew Johnston - FF - 1 G, GWG - Johnston is always a threat, even shorthanded.  He was the best Bomber on Tuesday and was rewarded with the game-winning goal.  What can the Bombers do with their new found life?

3. Doug Lindensmith - LR - 1 G - The only Ice Wolf to score on P.J. Musico on Tuesday.  He had lots of other chances just not quite work and he was buzzing around the net until he was put head first into the boards by Ryan Fox.  Doubtful we'll see him in the lineup tonight, and who knows when he'll be back. Hopefully soon.
Ironically enough there was a referee supervisor in the building when that hit happened.  Apparently he had his head turned back to talk to someone when the hit occurred.  So three sets of eyes managed to miss the hit.  Unfortunate, but it happens.

Sorry for the short post, but it's all I can get done with the internet messing up my attempts to post.  Catch the game on MBC Radio and, usual times for everything, 7:15 pre, 7:30 puck.

Enjoy Game 4!

I must of been watching a different Game
3/9/2011 06:53:05 am


Must be four sets of eyes missed Fox ramming Lindensmith's head in end boards, because you obviously missed it or are just trying to stir the pot.

Both Fox and Lindensmith hit the endboards at same time with neither player attempting what you are trying to imply.

So in closing Daniel, what you saw was the same that everyone including the referee official saw.

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