Reports are out today that the Calgary Flames went ahead and re-signed forward Curtis Glencross to a new deal.  I wasn't exactly expecting that to happen.  The Flames have a bunch of money tied up in other players and have some key guys like Alex Tanguay to ink.

Bob McKenzie has the specifics at four years, 10.2 million dollars which works out to a 2.55 million cap hit.  I'm actually surprised by the number as I thought he could have snagged around 3 million on the open market.  Something to the tune of a Colby Armstrong contract.  It's also why I thought Calgary should have moved him, but if they can keep him at 2.55, great.

What I am very surprised to see with the contract is another one of those darn "no movement clauses", cue the rant.

With the Ice Wolves off until Friday, I'm going to take a break from talking about the Wolves and turn my attention to the NHL.  More precisely, my home town of Calgary, and the Flames.  In the past couple weeks there have been some goings on that don't quite sit with me.

Don't sit with me at all... it's rant time.