Here is where you can tune into tonight's Live Blog to follow along as the Ice Wolves look for their first win against the Humboldt Broncos.

I'll log on around 7:20 to get you set up!
Hey guys, here's where you can read/watch tonight's live blog.

A very dominant performance for the Ice Wolves last night in the second and third periods.  Consensus is, though, if the Millionaires had been able to capitalize in the first period on some of their fantastic chances, it would have been a very different game.

The Ice Wolves dominated the Mills physically and it showed as Melville was backing down all over the ice.  Key play for me in the third was when Russell Trudeau came down the wing with Marc-Andre Carre on D.  Trudeau came up to Carre and basically stopped and let the puck go.  Just pulled up.  It's tough to be a skilled guy on the ice when you're looking over your shoulder on the ice, so the Wolves did their job in that regard.

The Millionaires will need to push back tonight, and I would expect just that.  They'll have more space to operate on the bigger ice at the JRMCC as well so that should help.  Should be a very interesting game tonight.

Here's Alex Vandenameele after the game along with some clips of the action.  Sorry for the weird flip.  Not sure why the editing program on my phone did that.  Oh well, learning experience.  It won't happen next time around.

Here's Alex Vandenameele from after the game:
And of course, the live blog setup for tonight.  I'll be on around ten minutes to game time.
This is where you'll find the live blog for the Ice Wolves and Bruins contest at the JRMCC on Saturday, October 22.
This is where I'm trying to set up the live blog for Friday's game.  So check back for updates as the game gets closer.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to post in real time and take questions from readers.
Hey Folks,

I didn't have time to outline what I'm doing tonight.  There was a test for Voices of the North which is on MBC tonight, so we had to get off the air.  Since I'm here and will have an internet connection I will update on this blog post with what's going on in the game.  Your very own written account of the game.

It won't automatically refresh so you will have to do that every couple minutes or so.

First off from last night.

A fun game to watch, really enjoyed it.  The guys were a little frustrated with the result and how some things went during the game, but it was good to hear as they know they can improve, and they aren't concerned about dropping 3/4 to Yorkton during the season.  Besides, they have a lot more to worry about before they could take on the Terriers.

Three Stars from last night as selected by Braden Malsbury.

1. Craig Eisenhut - YKTN - 1 G - His lone marker sunk the Ice Wolves' eleven game winning streak.  He was all over the ice creating problems in every zone for La Ronge.

2. Warren Shymko - YKTN - 29 svs - A fantastic showing from the Terriers' starting goalie with Peters out.  He got some help from his posts, but you've gotta be good to be lucky.  He also robbed Marc-Andre Carre on the doorstep in the final minute to keep it a two goal spread.

3. Travis Eggum - LR - 1 G - That was his 57th of the season, and he wants number sixty.  You could tell he was feeling the pressure on 50, but for 60 he just seems hungry to get it.  Three goals in two games is a definite possibility.
Once again, for the live blog, you will need to refresh for yourself otherwise nothing will change.  I'll have a bit of a pre-game show for you in a few minutes.  Just got to make a couple of edits to an interview I just did with Mils' Head Coach Jamie Fiesel.