AFP/Getty Images, Mike Stobe
You thought you were free from Rebecca Black references didn't you?  Wrong.  Starting with the NBA Draft.  This is the first time I've actually watched a bulk of the Draft, and I've got to say, the NHL's just seems to be more entertaining. 

Could it be because of my higher affinity for hockey?  Quite likely, but there are a few things the NHL does better than the NBA.

1. Most of the players expected to go in the first round of the NHL draft are there.  Heck a bunch of the guys expected to go in the second round are there.  While this results in a very disappointed player being at the draft sometimes, it's better than having 15 or 16 of the first rounders available (which is what they do in the NBA.)

2. In the NHL, trades are announced and the team that acquires the pick makes the announcement/selection.  In the NBA, not so.  The team that is trading the pick makes the selection as the trade is for the 'rights' to the player.  That makes for a situation where the player is up there wearing the ball cap for a team he'll never play for.

3. In the NHL, the team makes the announcement with the GM/President up there.  The player gets his ball cap and jersey, shakes hands with the team personnel merriment all around.  In the NBA, they get a ball cap and go shake hands with the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner depending on where they get selected.