My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more explicit than Pip. So, I called myself Pip, and came to be called Pip.
Okay, that's enough classic literature.  Thanks to Charles Dickens for that one.  With the season rapidly approaching, I've examined the Ice Wolves team outlook heading in to camp and three players to watch as they look to make the team.  This newest entry in the Pre-Season series focuses on the individual outlook for the Forwards returning and what I think we can reasonably expect from these players to produce.

I will use high science including theoretical physics, cellular/molecular/microbial biology (it's a real thing I know someone with a degree in it) and... okay that sounds like way too much work.  How about I take a look at stats from the past couple seasons, factor in ice time along with late season progression and we go from there?  Sounds good to me too.

First player up is Aaron Enns.
SJHL Statistics
2009-10: 52 GP - 9 G - 10 A - 19 P - 118 PIM
2010-11:  54 GP - 9 G - 20 A - 29 P - 92 PIM
2011 Playoffs : 17 GP - 2 G - 5 A - 7 P
2011 Anavet Cup: 7 GP - 5 G - 1 A - 6 P

Break it down:
-From Season 1 to Season 2: Minor increase in ice time and two more games results in +10 pts (all assists).
-Season 2 Playoffs: Minor Increase in ice time from regular season results in small increase in points per game.

Enns quietly put together a very solid season last year, especially when you consider where he fit in on the depth chart.  He spent the majority of his time on the third line until Nick Keller's arrival had him moving between the second and fourth line.  If you look at his point totals; he was the second highest scorer not playing on one of the top two lines consistently.  (Rhyse Dieno put up 30 points)

One thing I'll go out and say right now is Enns will be wearing a letter this season.  That's not exactly a bold prediction considering he's one of two returning twenty-year olds.  I'll go a little further and give Enns a 85% chance of wearing the Captain's 'C' for the Ice Wolves.  Right now, the only thing stopping it from being 100% is the arrival of Matt Weisensel who was the Trappers' Captain last season in North Bay.  I made a stop in at the rink last night and Enns was already assuming a leadership role and was running drills as players make use of the ice time available before camp opens.

I think La Ronge fans will be pleasantly surprised by Enns' output.  He was a well used fourth liner in his first season, and put up ten more points with more ice time this season.  What needs to be looked at is his effort in the playoffs.  He was getting ice time that was still shy of what he'll likely log this season, and nearly matched his season goal total in less than half the games.  Even when he wasn't putting the puck in the net, the playoffs were a coming out party for Enns who garnered the praise of Bob Beatty through the post-season.  Enns will likely be a part of the top two lines, so he'll be matched up with some skilled playmakers which will likely boost his goal totals.

Based on Enns' current points progression, conservative predictions could have him at or just shy of 40 points.  With the fact he is likely going to see a substantial increase in ice time, including more time on the powerplay to go with playing on a scoring line, 40 becomes a mark I feel he can eclipse, mainly because of an increase in the goal column.

Projected 2011-12 Stat-line: 20 G - 25 A - 45 points

9/2/2011 03:22:53 am

Yes Enns is vet who played third and fourth line because thats where he deserves to play. He is not a team player and has cost us more goals than any other player. A leader he is not (only my opinion), the wolves have other players that provide energy, take the body and play smart 100% of the time and not only if they feel like it. Just ask the other returning players about thier thoughts and you may find that the respect is not there. Dont get me wrong he is an effective player and he will play a role this year.

9/4/2011 05:37:46 am

hey lonewolf first off you have no idea what your talking about. Your clueless buddy how do you know the team doesnt respect him ? Where you ever in the dressing room ? I'm guessing not your probably just some dust pan thats never played a game of junior hockey in your life.

Wolves fan
9/4/2011 02:29:08 pm

Enns is not captain material. I am guessing you don't keep in touch with the team a whole pile Gino.
Lonewolf is correct, BTW, this is NOT lonewolf

9/4/2011 02:47:18 pm

Enns has never been asked by Coach Beatty to play an offensive roll. He got alot of icetime on the PK. He has done everything his coached has asked and more. He has dropped the mitts with the SJ's toughest and hasn't lost a decision. The kid turned down the Pats to play Jr A and deserves to wear the C. He was traded from Nanaimo to Laronge because of the Regina conflict and reported no questions asked. I've followed this kid and the guy who commented about his teammates not respecting him, has no clue about him or the team. He has 2 Champ rings and an RBC goal to his credit.

9/5/2011 04:26:00 am

Who are these clowns that are bad mouthing a kid that has potential to carry his team to another championship. You guys are a complete joke. From what understand he gets along just find with other kids plus all the kids a Gordon denny where he puts in all his spare time off the ice. Get your facts straight lone wolf before u judge a person,u must have your ear pressed against the dressing room door. Creep

9/5/2011 04:54:05 am

hahaha wolves fan I'm sorry but your a joke you have zero facts on what he's like in the room I can guarantee youve never even been in the room or talked to any of the players.

doug lindensmith
9/5/2011 12:33:35 pm

enzo would be a great leader i would know i was in the locker room and i wish the wolves the best of luck bring home that third titles boys and enzo does bust his ass on and off the ice he is a regular in the gym which makes him a great leader sure he has some flawes but who doesnt and i know hes been working on it and hes always there for a teammate no matter what

Canus lupis
9/5/2011 02:44:28 pm

Atta boy Dougie! I am a loyal supporter of the Wolves and I couldn't agree with you more.

From what I have seen...including those that claim they were in the dressing room...Enns would have your back any time an opposing player tried a cheap shot, a hit from behind etc. He led by example on the ice in the last couple rounds of the playoffs. From what I have seen he deserves a letter(and I wasn't in the dressing room). Those of you that are bashing Enns give your head a shake...he's been an important part of the guys definitely need an attitude adjustment, not Enns. Final point is that there is so much turnover this year that hoefully those that didnt speak too highly about Enns are gone!!

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