The title says about 90% of what this post should convey.

It's at the curling rink, conveniently right beside the Mel.  As the schedule stansd, Cocktails are at 5 p.m. with Dinner at 6.  I'll be MC'ing the event, which isn't a good start, but I'm sure everyone else will be able to pick it up.  Hold out hope that they'll book Steve Martin next year.

{EDIT} Yes I will be wearing a beanie cap to go along with my electric blue tux and rotating bow-tie.  In case you were wondering and wanted to match.

Tickets for the event are thirty bucks and are available at the Ice Wolves office along with a couple other locations around town I all of a sudden can't remember.  That's helpful.

There's a silent auction running through the evening along with the annual Ice Wolves jersey Auction.

Hope I see you there!


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