I just want to get something up here seeing as it did happen this evening, the date of the posting doesn't say that, but let's just say it's a little early.

The Terriers gave the Ice Wolves a very stiff fight.  In fact, they played well enough to win this game, but Adam Bartko played phenomenal and got the Ice Wolves the win.

The Terriers just didn't have an answer for the Ice Wolves line of Carre, Eggum and Herauf as they were just dynamic.  I'm curious to see how the Portage Terriers react to that line, especially if they play like tonight.  Wow.

The Wolves winning on home ice was spectacular.  There wasn't an empty nook or cranny in the Mel tonight and that crowd was just-a-pumpin'.  The moment that made it for me was when a puck was cleared with about 30 seconds to go Alex Vandenameele who was crouched behind me in the broadcast booth just screamed and leapt down the ladder and shortly after that onto the ice to join his teammates as the celebration began.  The ecstatic joy of the team winning the Cup is something to behold.  It's truly an honour to have been on this ride with this group of guys.  The best part is, it ain't over yet.

I'll have more in the coming days, I just wanted to get this up so you didn't think I forgot about you.  I'll be on a bus to Yorkton at 1:00 tomorrow (yeah, Yorkton, I thought I'd done that leg for the last time this season too) so blogging tomorrow isn't high on the list of things I need to get done.

To the Yorkton Terriers, your resolve and excellent play won't be forgotten any time soon.  It was a hell of a series.  To Terriers fans, you're awesome, especially those of you that made the trip(s) to La Ronge.  Finally, to the Terriers moving on to new challenges within the game of hockey, and to other exploits in life good luck in all of your future endeavours! 

Ice Wolves fans, enjoy this moment because it doesn't get much sweeter than this, but it can, and the Ice Wolves will do their best to make it that way before the season is done.

The Anavet Cup begins on Friday in Portage.  I'll have those games on MBC Radio.  Games 3, 4 and 5 are back in La Ronge, marking the return of myself and Curtis to the webcasting fray.  Apparently we might be getting some new toys to play with courtesy of some nice people that run a top rate webcast in a town that starts with M.  More on that when details are confirmed.

Enjoy the win!


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