OH MY GOD!!  A DOUBLE TITLE!!! ALL ACROSS THE TOP... what does this mean???

Hilarious youtube videos aside it means back to back games for the Ice Wolves.

The Wolves came out with possibly their best effort since the break and rolled by the Red Wings 5-2 Friday, now they need to duplicate that game against Flin Flon Saturday.

Read on for a quick recap and a preview of the two games!
The Wolves came out bumpin.  It's one of the ways you can tell the Ice Wolves are going to have a good period.  3 or 4 hits within the first minute or so.  That's what happened here, and only a minute in, Marc-Andre Carre broke his little slump and scored his 30th goal of the season.  He becomes the second Wolf to pass that mark.  The first line looked awesome against Weyburn and it didn't feature Doug Lindensmith.  He had the night off and was sitting a few feet from me in the broadcast booth (or fort as Mike Reagan called it on Tuesday).  Rhyse Dieno took his place on the first line... oh boy did he ever take his place on the first line.

Dieno looked excited to be playing on the Wolves' top line, and Eggum and Carre seemed energized by that, leading to a great game from all of them.  Dieno stole the show with the Wolves' second goal.  He came into the zone 1-on-3 and pulled a couple unbelievable moves and slide the puck between Riley Hengen's pads to give the Wolves a 2-0 lead.  This goal could go right on the list for goal of the year.

The lead wasn't long lived, though.  The Wolves controlled about 18 minutes of this period, in the two they didn't the Red Wings struck.  Two goals about 1:30 apart off of scrambles in front of Adam Bartko.  One hopped off the post and off the back of Bartko's skate, nothing much he could really do about it.  The next one came off a rebound right to Drew George who slid it into a nearly empty net.  Make it 2-2 heading to the second.

In the second period, the Ice Wolves hit three posts, but did take a lead into the final frame.  That goal was courtesy of Travis Eggum, who scored his 43rd of the season, setting an Ice Wolves' franchise record.  After the second, this looked like one of those games where you have so many chances, but can't finish off the opposition and they make you pay for it.  

The Wolves would have none of that in the third as they put up two more goals from Eggum and Alex Vandenameele, who looked to the sky after scoring his first SJHL goal while his team mobbed him in the Wings zone.

All in all a solid game from the Ice Wolves, now they need to carry the effort into their game against the Bombers.

Three Stars

1. Travis Eggum - LR - 2 G, 2 A - A four point night puts Eggum in a tie with Carre for the scoring lead in the SJHL with 80 points.  Also sets the franchise record for goal scoring... 44 and counting.  No brainer as first star.

2. Rhyse Dieno - LR - 1 G, 1 A - His youthful presence on the first line gave the top unit a jump it hasn't had in a while.  Scored a candidate for goal of the year, and you have a SJHL star in the making.

3. Riley Hengen - WEY - 36 Svs - Not often you allow 5 goals and get named a star, but this game could have been waaay out of hand if not for some spectacular saves from Hengen.  He was by far the best Red Wing on Friday.

So now the Ice Wolves hop on that wonderful northern road to Flin Flon for a tee-tee-a-tee with the Bombers.  Last game out the Wolves didn't look good aside from the second and a bit of the third.  After a long stretch of futility, the Bombers are playing spoiler for the top teams.  After beating La Ronge on Tuesday, Flin Flon took care of Melfort last night.  This seems to be proving fears the Bombers could maybe take down one of the top teams in a playoff series (or hopes depending on who you cheer for).

Despite having a very solid home record, the Bombers have yet to take one from the Wolves at the Whitney Forum.  Could be the bigger ice surface for the Wolves to work with dealio.   The Bombers, however, have beaten the Wolves twice at the Mel, meaning, yes no home team has won between these two teams.

Andrew Johnston is making a bid for player of the week this week.  He's got four goals in two games and is a big reason the Bombers have won their last two games against teams far ahead of them in the standings.  This 19-year old is the real deal and with 24 goals on the season, the only question is how many will he finish with, and what will he do next year.

Doug Lindensmith should be back in the lineup for La Ronge and will look to take back the lead in the scoring race.  What's that mean for Rhyse Dieno?  I'm thinking he'll line up with Logan Herauf and Phil Cliche on the second line.  However, I also thought that would be the case against Flin Flon and it wasn't.  After last night's game, though, Dieno has at the least earned a look to play in Justin Ducharme's usual spot on the wing.

On Ducharme, after fears his crash into the boards would cost the 19 year old his season and maybe part of the off-season with a torn ACL or MCL, those fears are thankfully unfounded.  I don't know the exact injury, but it's not near as bad as originally feared and he will be back in the lineup, possibly before the playoffs.  One of the best signs, he was walking around no problem at the game last night.  The Ice Wolves can definitely use his game, he provides so much energy for the team, and his 28 points in 27 games will be missed until he returns.  In the meantime, it may be a chance for Rhyse Dieno to show why he deserves more and more ice time.

The game gets going at 7:30 tonight, I'll have the pre-game show on MBC at 7:15.  I'm hoping to have Michael Verret in as my guest at the first intermission, and have a chat with the Wolves' newest defenceman.

I'll have the post game report from Saturday night up tomorrow for your reading pleasure.

Have a great Saturday!


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