As the title says, this isn't an official roster, it's something I put together today when I was asked about it.

I could be missing a player if someone's still with the team that I haven't heard about or if a player is no longer with the team, but it should be about 95% accurate as to what the roster will be on Friday.  We also know this could change considerably by the end of the first month of the season.

Sorry if I missed someone, let me know so I can fix it if I did.

Marc-Andre Carre (’91)
Aaron Enns (’91)
Pat Tran (’91)
Jordan Ethier (’91)
Skyler Hladun (’92)
Nathan Boyer (’92)
Graham Smerek (’92)
Brodie Eisbrenner (’92)
Brett McNevin (’92)
Pavlo Zerebecky (’92)
Johney Cormier (’92)
Tyson Vallette (’93)

Ben Bula (’91)
Matt Weisensel (’91)
David Greyeyes (’91) *injured
Alex Vandenameele (’92)
Alex Cameron (’92)
Louis-Joseph Sawyer (’93)
Brett Hope (’93)
Scott Helmkay (’93)
Franklin Cook (’93) *could be up front

Alex Rajotte (’91)
Myles Hovdebo (’92)
As you can see, this isn't a depth chart or anything like that and is just in order of age.  Interesting to note the lack of 18 year old forwards on the team.  Just one or two if Cook moves up front, which I think is distinctly possible.  So while it was looking like the Wolves would be a pretty young team up front, the new players brought in like Tran, Eisbrenner and McNevin along with other recruits make this Wolves team a relatively experienced outfit.  The name on the top of that list (Carre), unfortunately for the Wolves, will be gone in a month.  

The defence looks fairly similar to last season, age wise.  There are, however, more 18 year olds on the roster and it will be interesting to see how they adapt to the SJHL game.

The home opener is a mere...
That much away!  So pick up your tickets for the game and get loud!

Because hockey season is back, and that is a good thing.


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