Before I get into the game last night, I want to send my condolences to all of those who lost someone in this morning's tragic plane crash in Russia.

Family, friends, former teammates and even fans lost people today in this tragedy that words are so inadequate to describe.

Watching Ruslan Salei and Team Belarus play against Team Germany was the highlight of my Olympic Experience in Vancouver and it's shocking to see the names on the roster that are gone.  As a sports fan, it's horrible and as a person, it's unbelievably tragic.

I'm going to keep the recap short for today, read on for the Ice Wolves and Mustangs result. 

It definitely wasn't a pretty game on either side.  For Melfort, that gets lightened by a 6-1 victory.

Both teams were pretty disorganized, which is to be expected when they haven't had a chance to really work out some of the finer details.  Special Teams were a mess on both sides.

Isn't pre-season a blast?  Though it was messy and a little strange at times, the game still had its entertaining moments.  The intensity on display from both sides was pretty high, which will happen when guys are fighting for spots.  There were lots of hits, all over the ice.  At times it came at the expense of positioning, but it made for an interesting game.

A couple of stand-outs on the Ice Wolves side for me were defenceman Louis-Joseph Sawyer and forward Tom Kempinski.  Both played very solid games with Sawyer laying out a couple of Mustangs in the first period, really setting the tone.  Kempinski had a solid game and really turned it up in the third period.  He had a couple of good chances to score and was very physical, making a strong case to stay with the team.

I will be curious to see how the next meeting between the teams progresses.  Melfort will have played more games while the Wolves will have a chance to practice and get on the same page as a team.

Check back this week as I get back to the "Great Expectations" series.


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