Like Curtis said on the webcast, this wasn't a game to write home about.  In fact it was a pretty sleepy affair. That the Ice Wolves took by a 6-1 count.

I've heard there were problems with the webcast, I'm not sure if it was everywhere or just certain places.  We think there might have been too many people watching the game as livesports likely has a cap on how many people can effectively watch it.  Everything seemed to be working on our end.  If you did have problems, send livesports an email, apparently they're very good at getting refunds out.

Back to the game.

The big thing to talk about in this game was Travis Eggum's 50th.  Much to the delight of the home fans, Eggum popped the puck behind Stephen Klein late in the first period to reach the milestone.  It was the loudest I've heard the Mel all season, and they tossed out two of the biggest fish I've seen on the ice all year.  I'll have my interview with Travis up on the Feature Interviews page shortly.  Congratulations to Travis and let's hope he keeps it rolling right through the playoffs.  He also scored number 51 putting him on pace for 58 in 58 which would be an unbelievable accomplishment.

This was another game the Wolves kind of just floated by on skill overpowering the Hawks.  They seemed to really turn their game on in the third period so hopefully that translates into a good start on Tuesday against Melfort.  Talking to some of the guys, this is a game they've been looking forward to for awhile now.  They want to play Melfort, if they come out and play 60 minutes of Ice Wolves hockey it should be a fantastic battle to watch.

Nick Keller played on the point on Saturday and did a great job.  He didn't look out of place at all and he kept the Hawks off balance with his speed.  There were a few times when he made plays on Hawks players that it looked like he might as well have been playing point all year.  It's got to be tough when you're moving around so much.  After the game at the Ice Wolves' Howl and Growl, he introduced himself, "Nick Keller, and I don't know what position I play."

It was a relatively uneventful win without a lot of emotion in it, pretty much the exact opposite of what should be coming up on Tuesday.  It will be in the Ice Wolves' court to change gears and get right into playoff mode.

Three Stars:

1. Travis Eggum - 2 G, 1 A - Up to 51 goals and 94 points on the season.  He just keeps on rolling and it will be a battle to the end of the regular season to see who leads this team in points between Eggum and Carre.

2. Nolan Souchotte - 1 G, 2 A - The Wolves Captain has been a great leader for this team through the season.  He goes about his business on the ice making the plays that don't  show up on the scoresheet.  Saturday he was rewarded for those efforts with a three point night.

3. Doug Lindensmith - 1 G, 3 A - It was a relatively quiet four point night for Lindensmith.  He finally broke through some of his current frustrations with a goal in the third period.  The big line was racking up the points once again last night, a good sign for the Wolves as we get into the playoffs.
As I mentioned earlier, next up for the Wolves are the Melfort Mustangs on Tuesday.  Both teams are through 51 games with the Wolves leading the 'Stangs by eight points in the Standings.  A win on Tuesday will put the Wolves into a glorious opportunity to finish on top of the SJHL Standings for the first time in franchise history.

At the Howl and Growl the Wolves were asked how many wins they would get this season, they all guaranteed at least 41 which would put them into that top spot.  Start counting them down Ice Wolves fans... 4 to clinch.

Enjoy the Superbowl!


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