Falalalala lalala... or something to that effect.  The Christmas break is very much upon us.  Tonight's game is the last for the Ice Wolves in 2010.  What will remain as possibly the most memorable year in Ice Wolves history, at least to date.  A league championship and trip to the RBC Cup, and now, in the new season the Ice Wolves are challenging for top spot in the SJHL.  The team features the number one, two and three scorers in the league and the goal scoring leader (not to mention the 3rd and 4th highest goal scorers too.)  Most importantly, the Wolves got a new play-by-play commentator who's amazing blog you are reading right now... I jest.

In all seriousness it's been an awesome few months for the team, and it's been an absolute blast covering the team.  They're a great bunch of guys and deserve all the success they've been having.

ANYWAYS.... I guess I should get to the game, seeing as I'm now falling asleep at my computer.

The Nipawin Hawks are a team reborn since the Ice Wolves last met with them on the ice.  In fact, it was right after the Ice Wolves smacked the Hawks with a 6-2 loss, Nipawin went on a five game winning streak.  Pretty damn good for a team that had only won seven all season.  Now, after having the streak snapped by the Battlefords Stars (a huuuuuuge win for the Stars) we get to see if the Hawks are for real and can bounce back.

I fully expect a close game.  The Hawks have played well against the Wolves this season, and it was only a short span of the game in Nipawin that resulted in the lopsided game.  If the Hawks are going to catch the North Stars, which is very possible, they will need to find that extra "something" or "pizazz" as some would call it to come away with wins.  (Most would just say finding ways to win, but I'm all about the creative aspects of blogging.)  The Hawks found the swagger for five games and now the Ice Wolves get to see if the Hawks can hold onto it or lose it.

The Wolves can't take any time off in this game.  Nipawin is playing with confidence right now, and that's deadly.  Just ask all the teams the Wolves went through to win the SJHL Championship.

I said Adam Bartko would get the call in Watrous, and was wrong.  This time though, I will slap a Daniel Fink guarantee on Adam Bartko starting against Nipawin.  If I'm wrong... then we might have something to think about over the break, and it's not my ability to predict starting netminders.

For the Hawks in net, I'm guessing we'll see Stephen Klein, because Hoffman started against Battlefords.

Here's a quick stat hit!

                  Ice Wolves                                 vs                                      Hawks
            (23-9-0-2 - 48 pts)                   Record                     (12-17-3-1 - 28 pts)
                  1st in Bauer                          Standing                         6th in Bauer
                       26.9%                                    PP%                                   18.1%
                        79.0%                                   PK%                                   74.4%  

I'm forgoing the notes portion tonight as it's 2 AM as of writing this and I need to get to bed.  There won't be a post game report for tomorrow night's game until Monday because I need to drive home from Prince Albert.  Same goes for the audio, I will try and get it up on Monday.

I hope to see some of you at the game in P.A.!


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