Late Season Survey


Hey folks,

With the season getting down to its late stages, I've put together a 26 question survey on how I can improve the website and the quality of my broadcasts.  It only takes a couple minutes to complete and it really helps me improve if I know what my readers/listeners would like to see change.

So if you've been grumbling about something for the entire season, now is your chance to get it off your chest and I can work on fixing the problem.  

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to fill out the survey.  

Click Here to Participate in Survey

*If you answer some of the questions with very low ratings, I would ask that you definitely take the time to explain what you don't like.  I can't get better if you don't tell me what you don't like.

Thanks so much for your time!


Post Script:  At this time (10:31 Monday) I've had four responses to the survey and I am already finding them helpful.  Even with just a couple of comments I am able to ask myself questions about what I'm putting on the site and things of that nature.  Thanks to those who already did the survey!

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