After the Ice Wolves victory over the Kindersley Klippers on Friday, I had a chance to chat with Mike Stackhouse about the hazing situation in Neepawa.

Mike has been very vocal about the whole thing and was kind enough to share his views on the subject.  I was going to hold onto this for a broadcast next week, but I thought I would post it here first in case it becomes two dated with the constant stream of new events coming from the Natives organization.

Since the interview took place, the player at the centre of the whole maelstrom has left the league to play in the United States and multiple other players have been traded or left the team.

Mike qualifies this later in the interview, but I'll point it out here as well, that these are his views and opinions on the situation and are not reflective of the SJHL or its affiliates.

So without further adieu, my conversation with Mike. 

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You can read more of Mike's views on the recent events in Neepawa and other commentary on his blog, Stackhouse Soapbox.

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