NHL Trade Deadline


Wow... 2.5 hours into TSN's trade deadline coverage and still nothing aside from two extensions...

I love deadline day, but so far this has been laaaame.  It will pick up, but seriously NHL GM's (I know you're all reading this blog, don't deny it) LET'S GET GOING...

Oh and here we go!  Finally! 9:38 time of the first trade.  Dvorak to ATL for Bergfors/Rissmiller.  Darren Pang said Dvorak wasn't going to move, no interest... oops.

I'll have my thoughts on the moves that go down today through the morning/afternoon!  Hopefully it picks up some.
Wow, over an hour later... we have our second deal.  Washington Capitals added Dennis Wideman for not a whole lot.  Good addition to their blue-line, fits well into their system.  They still need a centre, but I like that move to fill Green's shoes while he's out.

Well, about to hit my noon-hour sportscast and I only have three deals to send along.  Klesla to Phoenix for Upshall and Lepisto, good trade for the 'Yotes.  With Jovo-cop (how long has it been since you've heard that nickname) out for who knows how long the Coyotes could use the D.  Also a change of scenery is probably good for Klesla.  

I feel a little bad for Upshall who seemed to really like it in Phoenix.  That's the business though.  When will the next big deal hit?  Hopefully it's going to pick up headed to the deadline.
Sorry, I was away at lunch, but we finally get a big deal with Penner headed to L.A. with a 1st rounder, prospect and 3rd (conditional).  Good deal for the Kings, they get their top flight forward without giving up too much.

For the Oilers, I would have liked to see them get something more solid.  Teuber (the prospect) could log some NHL minutes, but from what I've been hearing from all the TSN types, it doesn't sound like he'll be spectacular.  I really think they should have tried to pry someone like a Loktionov or a piece like that out of L.A., but we'll see what the Oilers can do with that pick.

They can always use it to trade up at the draft, maybe move Hemsky to get another lottery pick.  Who knows.
I'm a little surprised that Brad Richards didn't move, but I'm guessing that the Stars were asking just too much for him.  Hopefully for Dallas, they can re-sign him in the off season, or at least Richards can carry the Stars to the playoffs.
Looks like Arnott is headed to Washington.  That fits the bill of the Caps looking to improve their situation at centre.  He should help out their powerplay as well... who thought we'd need to talk about the Caps improving their powerplay?

Still don't know what the price for Arnott was.
{EDIT} David Steckel went the other way.  Also a 2nd round pick.
Stay tuned, now that the deadline has passed, Twitter is lighting up with the possible deals.  Should be more coming.
Calgary seems to have added that depth with Freddy Modin coming to the Flames, adding to their acquisitions from the day.  Earlier, Calgary picked up former Calgary Hitmen, Brett Carson (D) off waivers from Carolina.

Modin is a proven playoff performer and man does he have a good shot.  I remember the year he won hardest shot at the all-star game.  Mind you that was a while ago.
The Canucks are complete as some would say.  They were looking for a fourth line centre, and they got a third liner (IMO).  Chris Higgins signs in Florida, and finds himself back in Canada once again.

I like Higgins, and was really disappointed when the Flames didn't resign him in the offseason.  That's a great pick up for the Canucks, who also picked up Max Lapierre from Anaheim.  Lots of depth on Vancouver, who, if they get a healthy defence will be very tough in the playoffs.

All in all a pretty lame deadline day.  It seems to be getting to the point where most of the deals are done in the weeks leading up to the day.  Although, there were a record 31 deals last year.  

My boys, the Avalanche, did one of the best things they could have done.  Nothing.  After the debacle that was the Johnson (1st)/Stewart and Shattenkirk, trading Stastny or Liles would have been too much to bear.  Still don't get that trade.

Four of the Canadian teams moved in the direction we thought they would.  Vancouver added depth, Calgary added a D-man and a top nine forward, Ottawa kept selling, Edmonton moved Penner (though I'm not sure on the return)

Toronto couldn't find the defenceman they were looking for, apparently they were close on Liles, but couldn't get it ironed out.  Can't say I'm unhappy about that.  The other odd thing was Montreal not adding anything.  We've seen them get pushed around this year and they just seem to need a little more size up front.  Even if it is in the lower ranks.  We'll see what they can do in the playoffs.  It worked out just fine last season.

The big winners were the Caps in my opinion.  Adding Arnott and Wideman were great moves and they didn't give up too much in the process.  We'll see if the two additions can get Washington going in the right direction.

With the deadline come and gone, all that's left for the regular season is to sort out the standings and get the post-season under way.  Shouldn't be too long before the East is all set.  The West... wow.  Could come down to the final day for a bunch of teams.  This is going to be one of the most exciting stretch runs in recent memory.

Enjoy the parity everyone!


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