If you caught the webcasts on the weekend and read the Bauer Conference Final series preview a couple posts back, you will be aware that I gave a random nickname to Curtis.

Referring to him as Curtis "The Eagle" Skalicky likely isn't nearly as funny as I think it is, but he seems to find it amusing.  If I can get one person to laugh it's all good.  Even if the rest of you are just shaking your heads.  If you caught Saturday's webcast, you will be aware we were kicking around the idea of holding an open forum on the whole nickname subject.

Personally, I think a nickname needs to be earned, not just randomly bestowed.  So really, "The Eagle" probably won't carry much further as it gets old.  However, if someone was to have a nickname selected and voted on by the fans... that could hang on for at least the rest of the post-season.

In keeping with the proposed idea, this is the official DanielFink.Weebly.com "Nickname Curtis Contest".  I have absolutely nothing to give away except for the admiration of your peers for being the one to nickname Curtis.  Maybe I'll buy you a coffee or something?  Is that acceptable compensation?  

Use the comments section below to offer up your suggestions for Curtis' new nickname.  I'll take the options and put it into a poll that people can then vote on and we'll hopefully have a winner by the time Game 5 rolls around!

So get thinkin' and nicknamin'!

Name Bot
3/21/2011 04:54:38 am

Curtis "Don't Tase Me Bro!" Skalicky

Alejandro Duke
3/21/2011 07:22:24 am

Curtis "The Hammer" Skalicky

Name creator
3/21/2011 09:41:55 am

Curtis "intentionally not trying to be a homer" Skalicky

Terry H
3/21/2011 12:46:27 pm

I was thinking about "Curtis the Burbot Skalicky"

The Internet
3/22/2011 01:33:23 pm

Curtis "Salad" Skalicky

T Mack
3/25/2011 08:57:15 am

I definitely like Salad

3/29/2011 03:31:39 am


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