It's not too often that I'll stray from sports on this blog, and even rarer that I talk about myself.  I tend to be a very private person.  A lot of people have known me for years and years, and still don't know a lot about me.  I don't really expect that to change and after saying all of that, I'm not going to be writing about myself tonight.

I've been feeling mildly inspired to put some stuff to bytes over the past couple days and more specifically today, Valentine's Day.  Yes, the Hallmark holiday.

I've never been one for Valentine's day, but for some reason this year it just seems to mean something.  It has been a day to reflect on what I'm lucky enough to have in my life.  

As you may know, I'm from Calgary (yes I'm a Stamps fan, don't hold it against me).  I came up to La Ronge in September with a van load of my stuff (soon to be followed by another van load) to start out life on my own.  I didn't leave much behind possession-wise, but back home is my wonderful girlfriend, Breanna.

I've known Bre since back in High School, but it was more of a case of knowing similar people.  We really got to know each other a year or so after that point.  We started dating January, 2008, the same day I did my interview at SAIT, where I eventually graduated with a diploma in radio broadcasting.  Two weeks later, we broke up... count that up as a fail on me, haha.  I won't get into the details, but at least I can laugh about it now. (Thank God)  After some reconnecting went on, we became best friends and were largely inseparable.  

In September of that year, we were ready to get back on track and did so quite swimmingly I will happily add.  So now we're 2 years and nearly 5 months down the road and the fact remains, she's fantastic.

Now we get to the point of this little story.  Without Bre, I'm not here.  Plain and simple.  One of the first reasons is because she's willing to sacrifice for me and let me come all the way up to La Ronge to chase my dream.  I only pray I can repay her some time down the road.  That statement may mean I have to give up my beloved Optimus Prime and Ironman DVD stands.  I don't think my, "they're collectors items" argument will last for too long when we have a place together.  Small price to pay.

In my opinion it's about 15.7 times harder to be the one left behind.  While I'm experiencing the not quite overwhelming task of learning to live on my own, she has to go through the usual grind of school (full-time) and working at Safeway around 20 to sometimes 30 hours a week.  Only thing is, she has to do it, as she's put it before, "Without her best friend."  Skype just doesn't cut it for the most part, but thank you to whoever came up with it because it makes things easier.

One of the other reasons she is so fantastic, is her belief in me.  She's not one of those girls that goes, "hmm I can change him into what I want."  As far as I know, she's pretty happy with who I am, but, like a good hockey coach (see I worked in sports) she doesn't accept anything less than my best.  That support has, on more than one occasion performed miracles in my outlook on a situation.  That doesn't just apply to now.  Again, with out her, I'm not here.

Once again, I can only hope that I provide the amount of support that she needs in return, she deserves nothing less.

I fancy myself a pretty decent writer, but as per usual, I am left feeling inadequate to really describe what that beautiful woman means to me.  I'm sure many of you reading this can understand that sentiment.  On that thread, to prevent non-nonsensical rambling, I'll stop with the examples.

One of the reasons I'm not a fan of Valentine's day is because so many people try and cram one year's worth of appreciation for the person they love into a few hours on a single day.  Though sometimes we take them for granted, our significant others, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands deserve more than a few hours on February 14th.  They shape so much of our lives and who we are as people.

Before I actually post this, Bre will be reading it, so this (along with the awesome little flower I drew her in Paint) is my Valentine's day gift to her.  A bit of a reminder of what she means to me, even though I don't express it as much as I most definitely should.

Bre, thank you for everything.  You make every moment of my life better.  I love you.
I hope my little foray out of the sports world hasn't been too gooey for your tastes.  I really do hope you enjoyed reading it, and maybe got a little insight into the amazing woman behind the mic.

I'll be back to sports tomorrow with the preview of Tuesday's Ice Wolves and Hawks game.  It's written up, just need to make a couple of changes and additions and it'll be up nice and early.

and even with all the bashing I do on it, Happy Valentine's Day!


{Post Script} Bre will actually be coming up to La Ronge this Sunday so who knows, maybe some of you in La Ronge will get a chance to meet this mysterious woman.

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