Just saw this video up on the Ice Wolves website.  Great camera angle, pretty much on the ice.
What championship celebration would be complete without some flying Gatorade?
That's me leaping out of the way as the guys open fire.  It's tough to keep a straight face doing an interview while watching those guys cruise in from behind with Marc-Andre Carre waving his arms around trying to make sure I keep Bob there.  Also gives me a look at how thin my hair is getting back there... but I digress.

Bob Beatty has been all over the place this off season as a guest coach for some events at a Hockey Canada Coaching event and of course recruiting for the Wolves upcoming season.  He's playing everything pretty close to the chest so we'll have to wait a little longer before learning about the new Ice Wolves joining the team this upcoming season.

For now, enjoy the golf/fishing/camping, or whatever you do during the summer.  Ice Wolves northern prospects camp goes the last weekend of August, then training camp the week after and we're off and running.


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