Hey guys and gals,

The President's tour is in town today so the Ice Wolves will be announcing their candidates for Most Valuable Player, top Defenseman and Rookie of the year.  I will be at the presser for MBC which is slated for about 11:30.  When I get back, I will announce the candidates on the North @ Noon on MBC, then I will post them to the website in a new post.  As well, I hope to have the press conference in its entirety on the Audio On Demand Page.

Today is filled with goodies, not just for me, but for you as well.  SJHL President Laury Ryan is in town (hence president's tour) and we're hoping to have el presidente (is that even a word in spanish?) on the webcast.

I've already interviewed him twice this year, so I've asked many of the questions I want to, but you haven't had that luxury.  So I'm opening it up to your questions!  Post your questions to the comments section or email them to me at daniel@mbcradio.com and if they are appropriate and I like them, Curtis and I will pose your queries to the SJHL's head man.

I know it's fun to rip on the league commissioner or president in whatever league, but please keep the questions well thought out and within reason, I appreciate your discretion!  So get your questions together and set me up with some gold for the webcast.  We'll probably speak to Laury in one of the intermissions.  The game between the Wolves and Bombers gets going tonight at 7:30, I'll have a preview up this afternoon.

Ask away!

Post Script: Laury Ryan is confirmed for tonight!  He will join Curtis and I for the first intermission.  As of now  I only have 1 fan question (good one Fish Thrower), but I would love to have a few more so either post it or email me!

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