One of the hardest workin' guys in Junior-A hockey, Craig Stein from GX94 (here's his blog), was good enough to round up a bunch of the SJHL's media-types to put together a poll on the SJHL this season.

He came up with a ton of great questions, got a couple from other broadcasters and then totalled up all the votes.  A lot of great work from Craig, and now you have a sampling of what the broadcasters of the SJHL think about some of the players, coaches and rinks around the league.

Thanks for doing this Craig, and for readers, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did.  Mr. Stein will take it from here...
Everyone picked their top three choices for every category, with 1st place votes earning 3 points, 2nd place votes getting 2 points, while 1 point went to 3rd place votes.

The maximum any individual could get is 24 points.


Best Forward
1) Marc-Andre Carre, LAR (21/24)
T2) Travis Eggum, LAR (7/24)
T2) Jeremy Boyer, YOR (7/24)
4) Andrew Dommett, KIN (4/24)
*Carre had 7 of 8 1st place votes

2-Way Forward
1) Doug Lindensmith, LAR (6/24)
T2) Ryan Fox, FF (5/24)
T2) Nolan Souchotte, LAR (5/24)
4) Jesse Mireau, MFT (4/24)
*Lindensmith had 2 1st place votes
*No one player had more than 2 votes. 19 different players were picked out of 24 votes!

Best Shot
1) Travis Eggum, LAR (15/24)
2) Jeremy Boyer, YOR (8/24)
3) Andrew Dommet, KIN (7/24)

1) Johnny Calkins, KIN (15/24)
2) Marc-Andre Carre, LAR (12/24)
3) Justin Buzzeo, YOR (11/24)

Offensive Defenseman
1) Josh Roach, HUM (22/24)
2) Brody Luhning, BAT (8/24)
3) Blaine Tendler, YOR (5/24)
*Roach had 6 of 8 1st place votes, and was in 7 of 8 top-three picks

Stay-at-Home Defenseman
1) James Howden, ND (8/24)
2) Lee Christensen, MFT (6/24)
3) Craig Karius, MVL (5/24)
4) Jonathan Sonntag, KIN (4/24)

Top Goalie
1) Charles Corsi, MFT (18/24)
2) Russell Abbott, ND (14/24)
3) P.J. Musico, FF (5/24)
T4) Devin Peters, YOR (4/24)
T4) Mitch Kilgore, WEY (4/24)
*7 of 8 1st place votes went to either Corsi or Abbott

Top Rookie
1) Eli Litchenwald, NIP (17/24)
2) Kyle Hall, BAT (9/24)
3) Jesse Ross, WEY (6/24)
4) Keegan Bruce, WEY (5/24)
*Litchenwald had 5 1st place votes

Picks For a Shootout
T1) Justin Buzzeo, YOR (6/24)
T1) Andrew Johnston, FF (6/24)
T1) Jonathan Ceci, EST (6/24)
T1) Drew George, WEY (6/24)
5) Logan Herauf, LAR (4/24)
*Buzzeo led with two 1st place votes. The other three had 3 votes, including one 1st place.

Best Fighter
1) Tony Oak, BAT (12/24)
2) Brett Pisio, HUM (9/24)
3) John Sonntag, KIN (6/24)
4) Tyler Mah, FF (4/24)
*Oak picked up 3/8 1st place votes

Toughest to Play Against
1) Taylor Duzan, KIN (8/24)
T2) Tony Oak, BAT (5/24)
T2) Lucas Ulmer, WEY (5/24)

Most Under-Rated
1) Taylor Duzan, KIN (5/24)
T2) Cole Gibson, BAT (4/24)
T2) Brent Struble, YOR (4/24)
T2) Braeden Adamyk, KIN (4/24)
*No one had more than 2 votes. Top 4 each had one 1st place, and one other vote.
*Like 2-way forward, 24 selections went to 19 different guys!

Coach of the Year
1) Bob Beatty, LAR (17/24)
2) Trent Cassan, YOR (11/24)
3) Dean Brockman, HUM (9/24)
*7 of 8 guys had Beatty in Top 3, including 4 1st place votes. Cassan and Brockman each had 6 votes.

Easiest Interview, Coach
1) Jamie Fiesel, MVL (16/24)
2) Trent Cassan, YOR (11/24)
3) Darrell Mann, MFT (8/24)
4) Mike Reagan, FF (4/24)
*Fiesel was in the top three in 7 of 8 polls.

Most Quotable Coach
1) Jamie Fiesel, MVL (23/24)
2) Darrell Mann, MFT (7/24)
3) Bob Beatty, LAR (4/24)
*Fiesel had 6 1st place votes. One respondant gave him their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place votes! And it wasn't even me!

Favourite Rink to Broadcast In
1) Crescent Point Place, Weyburn (15/24)
2) Northern Lights Ice Palace, Melfort (12/24)
3) Whitney Forum, Flin Flon (8/24)
4) Elgar Peterson Arena, Humboldt (4/24)
*4 1st place votes to Weyburn

Least Favourite Rink
1) Civic Auditorium, Estevan (16/24)
2) Mel Hegland Uniplex, La Ronge (12/24)
3) Duncan McNeil Arena, Notre Dame (9/24)
4) Centennial Arena, Nipawin (6/24)
*4 first (or last) place votes to Estevan.

Loudest Rink
1) Whitney Forum, FF (23/24)
2) Mel Hegland, LAR (10/24)
3) CPP, WEY (9/24)
*Flin Flon had 7 1st, and 1 2nd place vote. Most decisive pick in the entire poll.

Best Rink Food/Coffee (18 votes submitted)
1) Weyburn (14/18)
T2) Estevan (5/18)
T2) Yorkton (5/18)
*Well done Weyburn! Best Broadcast location, 3rd Loudest fans, Best Food!

Favourite Hotel (18 votes)
1) Evergreen, Nipawin (9/18)
2) Elk Ridge (6/18) * not located in an SJ centre, but still a destination, 2 1st place votes.
T3) Gold Eagle, Battlefords (5/18)
T3) Victoria Inn, Flin Flon (5/18)
5) La Ronge Inn & Suites (4/18)

Favourite Out of Town City
1) Flin Flon (8/24)
2) Yorkton (7/24)
3) Weyburn (6/24)
4) The Battlefords (5/24)

AND... Who Will Be in the Credit Union Cup Final?

La Ronge & Kindersley (6/8)
La Ronge & Yorkton (1/8)
Melfort & Yorkton (1/8)

La Ronge (7/8)
Kindersley (6/8)
Yorkton (2/8)
Melfort (1/8)

Back to Daniel now... Great stuff from everyone, hopefully we'll do it again next year.  Lots of love for the Ice Wolves on this poll and with the season they had, why not?  Now it just needs to translate into playoff success.

Speaking of the post-season, it gets going tonight (can I get a whoop-whoop?) in the Battlefords and Estevan.  Two great series to kick off the playoffs.  I'm picking the North Stars and Bruins to come out of the two sets, but who knows what can happen in a short series?

Check out the 'Links' page for the blogs from the North Stars, Bombers, Bruins and Millionaires to keep up to date on the series!

Enjoy the Survivor Series'!

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