The secret project I've been hyping so much is available now!

The 'Behind the Mic Podcast' is something I've been tossing around for a little while now (remember that survey where I asked if you'd listen to a podcast?) and apparently all it took was a sudden kick of motivation last week to get it in to production.

I hope you enjoy the first episode - "Changing of the Guard",  which can be found here.

The podcast is something fun to try out some new things and expand what this website brings to you in the way of SJHL and sports coverage.

I'm not positive on the frequency of the podcast releases as of right now.  That's because I don't want to commit to releasing a weekly cast and have you be disappointed if I can't make deadlines in the future.  What I will try is to have the break between episodes be no more than two weeks.  Despite that level of uncertainty, the cast will release on Tuesdays.  There will also be advanced notice of episodes via the website and Twitter.

The other portion of the 'Project' is to add a new blogger to the site.  Alex King (my co-host on the podcast) will have his own corner of the site to provide his unique take on sports.  The blog 'Alex's Soapbox' can be found on the links to the podcast, or you can click right here. (I read his first post and he's already chirping me.  I give it two weeks before we're openly fighting.  I just regret how hard the divorce will be on the children.)

I hope you enjoy the new features on the website, and stay tuned as more improvements continue to be made for the 2011-12 SJHL Season!


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