So new idea on what went wrong with the webcast last night.  Access 7 was in the building taping the game.  

I was under the impression they were just doing a tape delay broadcast, which is what I was told.  From some of the things I've been hearing, they did the webcast as well.  Curtis and I were broadcasting from the other booth at the same time.

There is the possibility that we were connecting to the same even and therefore causing problems.  However, when we started hearing of problems, Curtis logged onto the Ice Wolves broadcast and it was fine.

From that, it leads me to believe that there was a separate Access 7 hook up and a separate Ice Wolves hook up.  If Curtis was able to watch the video fine online on the "Ice Wolves feed"  then I can only guess there was something wrong with the "Access 7 feed".  I'm basically trying to figure out what happened so it doesn't happen again.  It's terrible that there were so many problems on such an important night.

So I want to hear from you, how did you watch the game?  Did you go through the 'Game of the Week' feed or directly through the Ice Wolves feed?  What problems did you have with either or did you have none at all?

Remember if your cast was messed up, send Livesports an email and get a refund as I've heard they are pretty good about that.

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