Hello all!

The Ice Wolves play a pair of games this week before getting some time to relax before the final grind of the season.

First up is Melfort, which should be a most excellent tilt between the top two teams in the league.  They also don't like each other very much.  That game goes Tuesday night at the usual Bat Time (old Batman reference) of 7:30.  The webcast goes as usual (hopefully) about five minutes before the puck drop.  I'll have a preview up for tomorrow in the late morning/early afternoon.

The second game is the final regular season match-up between the Ice Wolves and Bombers.  To make what should be a pretty wild game even CRAZIER... okay that may have been a little over the top, I will be doing the broadcast for CFAR/flinflononline.com on le radio.  I'll start things off at 7:15.  Before you panic and riot in the streets  becauseI won't be on the webcast, we will hopefully patch my audio from the radio cast to the webcast.  What fun!!  

It should be a great night which I will hopefully get through without making any enemies in our fellow northern SJHL town.

For any of my readers in Flin Flon, should you exist, if you haven't heard yet, my old SAIT peer Gino De Paoli will have the Bombers/Hawks game tomorrow starting at 7:15.

Have a great day!


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