If I could have thought of another 'W' word, you better believe I would have used it.

Anyways,  I was hoping the online scoring would have been updated by now, but it isn't so I will do my best to impart the goals and assists for you.  I left my summary sheet at home today so I won't be supplying the times of goals and may leave out an assist here and there or put them on different goals.  I'll touch it up once I have a chance to get my stats at lunch.

Here we go:

First Period
ND - Schwartzenberger from Millin  (0-1)
LR - Smerek from McNevin (1-1)
LR - Weisensel (PP) from Enns and Carre (2-1)

Second Period
ND - Millin (PP) from Grolla, Bruha (2-2)
ND - Schwartzenberger (2) from Grolla, Christian (2-3)
LR - Hladun (SH) from Boyer (3-3)
ND - Grolla, Unassisted (3-4) Time of Goal: 0:00

Third Period
LR - Cook from Smerek (4-4)
LR - Enns (PP) from Ritchie and Carre (5-4)
LR - Carre from Enns (6-4)
LR - Enns (EN), Unnassisted (7-4)

ND - Ty Reichenbach (L) - 34 Svs on 38 shots - 58:30
LR - Alex Rajotte - 16 Svs on 20 shots - 40:00
LR - Myles Hovdebo (W) - 20:00

Notre Dame - 1/6
La Ronge - 2/6

*Note online scoring is now available for the game.
I guarantee that will change a little in the scoring summary as I left out assists on a couple of goals and swapped some around.  Not bad off the top of my head, though.

This was not a gem from either side.  The game was scrambly and disorganized, especially in the first and second period.  That said, both offences capitalized on their opportunities for the most part.  As two teams that can suffer from snake bites, that was good to see.

It's not too often I say this, but Alex Rajotte did not have a good night.  He just never really looked comfortable in goal.  The first Hounds marker came on a play where he lost the puck, mind you I think Dillon Schwartzenberger was the only player on the ice who knew where it was.  The second was a wrister from the circle that popped off Rajotte's shoulder and into the goal.  The third was on a scramble where Rajotte never quite got set and lost track of the puck, not something we're used to seeing.  The fourth, which ended his night, came with zeroes on the clock as Carson Grolla just threw the puck at the goal and it went between the wickets.  

Rajotte's forty minutes kind of mirrored his team's as the Wolves just looked off.  With the Wolves offence growing increasingly effective, Rajotte's woes were shouldered by his teammates which is something the two-time goalie of the week deserves after holding them in games so many times.  This pretty much shows us that Alex Rajotte, is in fact human and not the puck stopping cyborg some may have come to believe.  Myles Hovdebo came in for the third and moved his record to 8-0 against the Hounds.

Hovdebo wasn't exactly challenged as the Ice Wolves regrouped for the third period and cruised to victory on four unanswered goals.  After a lacklustre forty, it was very important for the Wolves to respond and head home feeling good.  The pair of wins moves the Wolves record to 7-8-0-2 on the road, which works out to an impressive 6-1-2 in their last nine road games.  Their only regulation loss in that span was a 1-0 loss to the North Stars.  With their next thirteen games at home, the Wolves look to be in good shape heading forward.

Pretty goals haven't exactly been common for the Wolves this season, but they're starting to come in bunches now.  Graham Smerek had a nice little snipe from the short side, Skyler Hladun scored a gorgeous shorthanded goal and Marc-Andre Carre depantsed Ty Reichenbach to deposit his second of the season.  Offence is going to be an increasingly common theme for the Ice Wolves in the coming weeks and it should be fun to watch.

The Wolves go head to head with Humboldt tomorrow, still looking for their first win over the Broncos.  In fact, the Wolves take on the only two teams they don't have a win over this week (Humboldt, Flin Flon, and they have yet to face Melville).  La Ronge hopes for some payback after losing to Humboldt by a combined score of 12-2 in their meetings with the Broncos this season.  As Assistant Coach Ron Holloway said after Saturday's contest, the game is a good measuring stick for the Wolves at the half-way point of the season.

I'll have a preview of tomorrow's game up, well, tomorrow.

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